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Poster will be discussed during the coffee break of the days June 30 - July 2.

The authors have to prepare and print posters (84.1x118.9 max, corresponding to A0 format).

No oral presentation will take place for posters.

List of posters

  1. Lumping Method with Acceleration for the PageRank Computation, I.R. Mendes and P.B. Vasconcelos
  2. AccTrace: Accessibility in Phases of Requirements Engineering, Design, and Coding Software, Rodrigo Gonçalves De Branco, Maria Istela Cagnin, and Débora Maria Barroso Paiva
  3. Arrow Plot and CA Maps on Microarray Prepossessing Methods, Carina Silva Fortes, Adelaide Freitas, Sara Roque, and Lisete Sousa
  4. BetaConcept: A Program for Voronoi Diagrams, Dual Structures, and Complexes in the Plane, Jae-Kwan Kim, Youngsong Cho, Mokwon Lee, Jehyun Cha, Chanyoung Song, Deok-Soo Kim, and Donguk Kim
  5. On the Decomposition of Use Cases for the Refinement of Software Requirements, Estrela F. Cruz, Ricardo J. Machado, and Maribel Y. Santos
  6. A Heuristic Procedure to Estimate the Tail Index, Marta Ferreira
  7. NBBR: A Baseline Method for the Evaluation of Bayesian Multi-label Classification Algorithms, Eduardo Corrêa Gonçalves
  8. Case Study in Large Scale Climate Simulations: Optimizing the Speedup/Efficiency Balance in Supercomputing Environments, Muhammad Asif, Andrés Cencerrado, Oriol Mula-Valls, Domingo Manubens, Ana Cortés, and Francisco Doblas-Reyes
  9. Slicing Triangle Meshes: An Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm, Rodrigo M.M.H. Gregori, Neri Volpato, Rodrigo Minetto, and Murilo V.G. Da Silva
  10. Distributed Environment Framework for Optimization Experiments, Pedro Abreu, Carlos Soares, and Rui Carlos Camacho
  11. User-centric and Personalized Access to Mobile Multimedia Systems Based on a Multimedia Middleware, Andre Valdestilhas, Harald Kosch, and Paulo Marcotti
  12. Analysing Students' Attitudes Towards the Learning of Specialized Software, Cristina S. Rodrigues and Ana Maria A.C. Rocha
  13. Complementary Eigenvalue Problem in Systems with Frictional Contact: The Stiffness Matrix for the Contact Nodes between Different Materials, Maria Antónia Forjaz, António Mário Almeida, T. De Lacerda–Arôso, and Jorge Pamplona